Group Benefits Canada: Flu Shot in 2020

Group Critical Illness Claim Form and Instructions 2020: Group Critical Illness Claim Form and Instructions 2020

March 23, 2020

Canada Life: Covid-19 Update Please see notice issued by Canada Life surrounding important information about claims and coverage:Canada Life Covid-19 Update

Effective January 1, 2020

NEW to your Benefit Plan! The following improvements have been made to the Local 18 Benefit Plan: January 1, 2020 Updates

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Effective May 1, 2017

NEW to your Benefit Plan! The following benefit additions have been made:

  • Physiotherapy coverage has been added in its own category with up to $1000 per year maximum ($60 per visit) – in addition to the combined paramedical benefit already provided.

Effective October 1, 2016

The following benefit updates have been made:

  • Prescription Safety Eyewear benefit will increase from $125 to $150 every 2 years.

Effective February 29, 2016

Important Information for Travelling to Cuba

As of February 29th 2016, every person entering Cuba must show proof of Health Insurance. If no proof is given, you may be required to purchase medical insurance in Cuba before entering the country. Our office has a letter used as proof of coverage through the Carpenters Local 18 Welfare Plan. Please contact the Benefit Office for more information.

Contact Information for Medical Emergencies at Great West Life when travelling around the world:

  • Canada or USA 1-855-222-4051
  • Mexico 0-1-800-522-0029
  • Dominican Republic 1-800-203-9530
  • Cuba 1-204-946-2946 call direct- submit long distance charges to Great West Life for reimbursement
  • Universal Countries 1-800-9006-7555
  • All other countries 1-204-946-2577 call direct or collect direct- submit long distance charges to Great West Life for reimbursement

This information is also available at GroupNet for Plan Members. Sign into Profile, under Forms & Cards. This allows you to print out a benefit card with all information you will need in case of a medical emergency, including your policy number and personal ID number.

Effective May 1, 2015

The following benefit updates have been made:

  • Erectile Dysfunction medication will now be covered by your drug plan, to a maximum of $500 per year.

New Great-West Life Benefit Card

As of September 2014, GWL has created a new “all in one” benefit card that can be used when filling prescriptions, visiting the dentist, and travelling out of country. It replaces the Great West Life ID card (green laminated card), Global Medical Assistance card and Drug Card. The new card will only be issued to new members, or if you need to replace your lost of stolen cards. Existing cards (Drug, ID and Global Medical Assistance) will remain functional.

Effective June 1, 2014

Improvements to Welfare Plan Benefits

After review of current benefit levels, as done by the Trustees and their consultants annually, the following benefits have been increased effective June 1, 2014, for all those eligible for Health & Dental benefits through the Local 18 Welfare Plan:

  • Paramedical Practitioners (eg. chiropractor, massage therapist, etc.):  Previously $60 per visit and $720 max. per year per covered person. Effective June 1, still $60 per visit but yearly max. increased to $1000 per person.
  • Semi-private Hospital: Previously $200 per day maximum. Effective June 1, increase to $240 per day maximum.
  • Annual Drug Benefit maximum: Previously $8500 per year per person. Effective June 1, increased to $10,000 per year.