The following table is a summary of all your plan. Consult the ‘Welfare & Pension Plans – February 2015’ booklet for more detailed information about your Benefit Plan. Please send all claims directly to London Benefit Payments, address:
London Benefit Payments
PO Box 5160 Station B
London, ON
N6A 0C6

Active Members
Life Insurance for Member$100,000
Life Insurance for Spouce$15,000
Life Insurance for Child$10,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment$100,000
Short Term Disability (WI)
- Maximum 26 weeks (combined with EI sick benefits)
Out of Country CoverageUnlimited
Active Members over 65 and Retired Members
Life Insurance for Retired/Active over 65$10,000
Life Insurance for Spouse$7,500
Life Insurance for Child$5,000
Out of Country Coverage$20,000
All Members
Maximum aggregate covered expenses per individual
- (excluding Global Medical Assistance covered expenses and Out-of-Country emergency expenses)
$2,000 annually reinstated
Prescription Drugs
- ($15/$30 deductible/year; max $10.50 dispensing fee)
Max. $10,000/calendar year
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - counselling1-877-207-8833
Best Doctors -access to expert medical specialists to make the right decisions about their care.
Critical Illness
-no pre-existing conditions or illnesses are covered, only illnesses diagnoses after Jan. 1/2020 *some exclusions apply.
Smoking Cessation$500 max/lifetime per covered person
Hospital - semi private$240/day maximum
Vision Care
- Includes one eye exam Maximum $80 every 24 months
$300/ 24 months
Safety Eyewear (Prescription)
** Provided though Benefits Office and Vision Clinic, Optic House. Contact Benefits Office for form.
$150/ 24 months
Custom Made Orthotics $500 max/calendar year
Physiotherapist$1000 max/calendar year
Maximum $60/visit
(maximum combined)
Other Healthcare and Paramedical Services
- Chiropractor, Podiatrist, Osteopath, Massage Therapy, Speech Therapy, Acupuncture, Psychologist, Dietician, Naturopath, Chiropodist, Christian Science Practitioner, Masters in Social Work, Registered Psychotherapist
$1,200 max/calendar year
Maximum $80/visit
(maximum combined)
Basic Dental Coverage100% - unlimited
Major Dental Coverage100% - max $1,500/calendar year
Orthodontic Dental Treatment67% - max $3,000 lifetime
Accidental Dental Injury100% - unlimited
Dental fee guide in effect in your province of residence on date treatment is rendered