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CourseTotal Hours
Accident Investigation and Reporting4 hours
Acoustical Ceilings40 hours
Blueprint Reading (Carpenter/Drywall)30 hours
Boom Truck Operator Safety (0 To 8 Ton)40 hours
Carpenter Certificate of Qualification Upgrade30 hours
Carpenter's Scaffold56 hours
Chainsaw3 hours
Computer Access Flooring12 hours
Concrete Form-work56 hours
Confined Spaces Hazard Awareness & Refresher4 hours
Construction Health and Safety - Basic21 hours
Construction Health and Safety Representative40 hours
Construction Math30 hours
Doors and Hardware (Electronic and Manual)80 hours
Drywall Certificate of Qualification Upgrade30 hours
Drywall Scaffold Awareness and Frame Scaffold20 hours
First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (C.P.R.)8 hours
Forklift Safety Training14 hours
Form-work Safety6 hours
Heavy Gauge Steel Stud40 hours
Hoist and Rigging16 hours
Insulated Concrete Forms (I.C.F.)16 hours
Level and Transit16 hours
Occupational Health and Safety Act4 hours
Peri Form-work24 hours
Power-Actuated Tools6 hours
Powered Elevated Work Platform4 hours
Propane In Construction and Review4 hours
Solid Surface Installation12 hours
Shop Steward's Course8 hours
Supervisor’s Health and Safety24 hours
Suspended Access Equipment24 hours
Total Station Layout20 hours
Globally Harmonized W.H.M.I.S. 3 hours
Working at Heights8 hours
[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Local 18 is dedicated to providing industry with the most skilled and best prepared apprentices and journeypersons possible. We do this through selective enrollment, peer assistance and flexible and extensive training options.

Listed beside are the training courses provided by Local 18 to our members. Courses are primarily scheduled based on member demand and enrollment. If you are interested in any of the courses listed, you must contact the office to add your name to the sign-up sheet. You can also sign up at the kiosk in the lobby of our Hamilton office. Once a course has enough interested members, the training facilitator will schedule the sessions and contact members directly for attendance registration. Unfortunately, no walk-ins are accepted for courses, so please make sure to call and register in advance.

*All training hours count towards your required apprenticeship hours.

Reminders to Local 18 membership participating in Training Courses:

  • Full PPE is required to be allowed to participate in classes by all participants, including: long pants, long or short sleeve shirts and proper foot wear (no shorts, tank top style shirts or sandles are allowed for any reason). You are actively participating in training and should be dressed to do so when you arrive.
  • Participants arriving late to classes will not be allowed in past a 10 minute grace period. Please be courteous of all the participants and instructors and their time and arrive prior to the start time of the course.
  • We require no less than 24 hours of advanced notice to cancel your spot in a registered training course. Please contact the office well in advance if you know you can no longer attend a course you have committed to so we can open up the spot to another interested member.
  • Members who “No-Show” or last minute cancellations (less than 24 hours notice before course start) will now be charged a $50.00 fee to re-register for the course. Please be courteous of the instructors running the course, the organizers, as well as other members who would have liked to have taken the course but couldn’t because it was full, and commit to showing up to participate in these valuable training courses. We have discouraging “no-show” counts, and this does not benefit anyone.

Remember: the more interest and active participation that we have in running courses the more can be organized to run for you our membership! 

Check out our calendar often for any upcoming courses scheduled to run Calendar of Events

Thank you in advance, Local 18 (July 2016)