Local 18’s GWHMIS Update Training Policy

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Due to the recent developments regarding Covid-19 and Local 18 not being able to offer Upgrading and Safety Training at our Hamilton/Niagara Training Centre, Local 18 is aware that some members might have or will be having their GWHMIS certificate expire.

If Local 18 members update their GWHMIS online, Local 18 will reimburse the member for this training program. The members will need to supply Local 18 copies of the GWHMIS Update Certificate of training and proof of payment (receipt). Local 18 will cover up to $30.00 plus taxes.

Local 18 will continue this Policy until the time that Local 18 can start offering GWHMIS Update training at our Hamilton/Niagara Training Centers. All reimbursements will be forwarded to Alayna Kett and processed monthly.

If there are any other Training Certificates that members require to be eligible to get on or stay on job sites during these difficult times, members must receive pre-approval from the Business Manager, or their reimbursement payments may not be approved.

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