Members’ Commitment to Excellence

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Protecting our jobs requires a competitive edge for our contractors so they can send a clear message to companies- the job is going to be done on time, on budget with high quality, safe work and no disruptions. Our Union can only deliver if each and every member is committed to excellence every day on the job.

What is our Commitment to Excellence?

Our Commitment to Excellence means:

  • no absenteeism
  • timeliness- arriving at work on time, fit for duty with the proper tools and clothing, working a full day and keeping breaks to the prescribed limit
  • superior productivity, safety and cooperation
  • strict adherence to established drug and alcohol policy
  • no personal business conducted on company time
  • respecting company property, our employer’s tools and the tools of our co-workers
  • following employer site rules, work procedures, policies and directives

How do we honour our Commitment to Excellence?

We fulfill our Commitment to Excellence by:

  • Teamwork – every member working together with foremen and job stewards -on every task- to deliver a superior product in every respect
  • Compliance- our job stewards and Union Reps, working with the entire management team, will monitor and enforce the standard of excellenc

What happens if a member fails to honour our Commitment to Excellence?

If members are unwilling to comply with their responsibilities under our Commitment to Excellence,they will be brought before the Regional Council Disciplinary Committee. The Disciplinary Committee will take appropriate corrective action which may include imposition of internal disciplinary procedures, up to and including, charges under the Carpenters’ Constitution.

This Commitment to Excellence has been adopted by most Canadian Local Unions and Regional Councils to protect and to expand job opportunities. 

-The UBC Today. pg. 13

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